2022 GKF Galleri, Visby, Sweden

2022 Galleri Kaleido, Uppsala, Sweden

2021 Galleri Sintra Gothenburg, Sweden

2021 "Klimatexistens" Sigtunastiftelsen och CEMUS, Sigtuna, Sweden

2019 "Vad är jag värd" at Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm, Sweden

2019 Exhibition at - We don’t have Time’s international climate Conference, April, Stockholm,         Sweden
2018 "More Things" at Nutida svenskt Silver, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 "VÄXT" exhibition together with Olle Olls and August Happ at Nutida Svenskt Silver,         Stockholm, Sweden

2016 "Things" at Abante Gallery, Stockholm, in collaboration with the National museum in         Sweden

2014 "JUST ONE MORE" A Triple exhibition at Ubi Gallery, Beijing, China



2025 Upcoming - "CIRCULAR ECONOMY" Antwerp Jewllery week, Antwerp, Belgium
2025 Upcoming - "Koru8" The Oulu Art Museum, Oulu, Finland

2024 Upcoming - "Pynt eller Protest" at Liljevalchs+ with Nutida Svenskt Silver, Sweden
2024 Upcoming - "Koru8" The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto, Punkaharju, Finland
2024 Upcoming - "Skogen" Göteborgs Naturhistoriska museum, Sweden
2024 Upcoming - "GONE ASTRAY" CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
2024 Upcoming - "Particle(s)" MAD Brussels, Brussels Jewellery Week, Belgium
2024 Upcoming - "Nutida Natten" at Kulturnatten with Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm, Sweden
2024 Upcoming - "Sopor är bra 2.0" Rian Design Museum, Falkenberg, Sweden

2023 "Hol(l)y Wood" Galerie Pont and Plas, Gent, Belgium
2023 "60 år av konsthantverkliga berättelser” at Svenskt Tenn during Sthlm Craft Week with          Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm, Sweden
2023 "GONE ASTRAY" Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, Germany
2023 "Woodland" Parcours Bijoux, Institut Suédoise, Paris, France
2023 "Silver! 60 år av kreativitet” Nutida Svenskt Silver, Form Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
2023 "HAIRY STYLE" Galerie Pont & Plas, Gent, Belgium
2023 "RING - RING - RING - RING UP” Maurer Zilioli, Munchen, Germany
2023 "DNA" with Alliages at Espace Solidor Museum, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France 
2023 "REclaim, REconnect, REinvent" an exhibition at the intersection of gender and climate          change, Galleri Leoparden, Uppsala, Sweden
2023 "Music" Membership exhibition, Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm, Sweden
2023 "60 år av kreativitet" Anniversary with Nutida Svenskt Silver, Konstakademien Stockholm

2022 Exhibited sculptures during Framtidsforum
2022 "Verklighetsflykt" Sthlm Craft Week, Skomakeriet, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 "KlimatSalongen" Sörmlands Sparbank, Nyköping and Poster exhibition around Sweden
2022 "Utvalt i Syd" Kulturgatan, Bodafors, Sweden
2022 "Konsthantverkarna Drömmer" Stockholm, Sweden
2022 "Nutida tänker på döden" Benhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 "Vårsalongen" Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 "Utvalt i Syd" Konsthallen, Tomelilla, Sweden

2021 "Molnsinne" Verkstad konsthall, Norrköping, Sweden
2021 "Utvalt i Syd" Lux, Östersund, Sweden
2021 "KlimatSalongen" Nyköping, Sweden
2021 "Tool of thought" Sebastian Schildts atelijer, Sthlm Craft Week, Stockholm
2021 "Tidskapsel" Sthlm Craft Week, Stokholm
2021 "Utvalt i Syd" - Ronneby Kulturcentrum, Sweden
2021 Konsthantverkarna, 70 years Anniversary exhibition, Stockholm
2021 "Utvalt i Syd" Form Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
2021 "Nutida co/1700-talet", Kulturnatten – Digital exhibition/film

2020 Design S 2020 by Svensk Form, exhibition with all nominees, Stockholm - Covid 19 Canceled
2020 "Hands of tomorrow", Sthlm craft week, Galleri I, Stockholm
2020 Smyckoteket RIAN Designmuseum at Konsthantverkscentru, Sthlm Craft Week
2020 "Klimatsalongen", Sörmlands museum, Nyköping, Sweden
2020 Nutida Svenskt Silver c/o Märta Måås-Fjätterström, Båstad, Sweden - Covid 19 Canceled
2020 Nutida Svenskt Silver c/o Ylva Skarp, Leksand, Sweden - Covid 19 Canceled
2020 "Klimatexistens" Sigtunastiftelsen and CEMUS, Sigtuna, Sweden - Covid 19 Canceled
2020 "Nutida Eskapism", Kulturnatten, Bellmansgatan, Stockholm - Covid 19 Canceled
2020 Gustavsbergs Konsthall, "Corpus, Sweden

2019 "Nutida Svenskt Silver c/o Gallery Claes Moser" Stokholm, Sweden
2019 Protest Signs, Artists for Future at Taverna Brillo, Stockholm, Swedn
2019 "Smyckoteket" RIAN Design museum, Falkenberg, Sweden
2019 "Handmade tales", Hangmen Projects, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 "Uppbrott” at Nutida svenskt Silver, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 "True is what has been made" The Folk Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2019 Klimatfestival – Whats next? Vinterviken, Stockholm, Sweden
2019 KlimatSalongen 2019, Nyköping, Sweden 6-8 September
2019 Nutida c/o Millesgården, Sweden
2019 "Inspirerad av dig" 18 of May - 29th of June. Nutida svenskt Silver, Stockholm
2019 The Wangel Weithz Center for Contemporary Contempt, Sjösala förlag, during a book          release with Jesper Weithz
2019 "Samtal över gränserna" Art & Form, Kommendörsgatan 11, Stockholm. 15-18 May.
2019 "Schmuck 2019" the International trade fair Munich, Germany

2018 The Biennial "METALLOphone" Vilnius, Lithuania
2018 Nutida svenskt Silver c/o Studio Skarp, Leksand, Sweden
2018 Nutida svenskt Silver c/o Märta Måås Fjätterström, Båstad, Sweden
2018 "Pearl metamorphoses in contemporary and conceptual jewellery" Gallery Putti, Riga,         Latvia

2017 "Ringar" Group exhibition at  Nutida svenskt Silver, Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Part in the Jubilee exhibition at Gustavsbergs Konsthall "Revisited", Sweden
2017 "The World is Your Dressing up Box!" at the
        The National Centre for Craft & Design in Sleaford, United Kingdom

2016 The Opening exhibition of Nutida svenskt Silvers new Gallery space
2016 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm via Abante Gallery
2016 "Forget them" Brooklyn Metal Works, New York, USA
2016 "Daughters at Daughters" Daughters , Stockholm, in collaboration with the National          museum in Sweden
2016 In the booth of Galeria Thomas Cohn, (São Paulo, Brazil) on the Internationalen          Handwerksmesse Schmuck, Munich, Germany
2016 "Dåtid-Nutid-Framtid" with Nutida Svenskt Silver on Nordic Antiques Fair, Antikmässan,          Stockholm

2015 "White horse in a white meadow" Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2015 "Suspended in Green"  Studio 20/17, Sydney, Australia
2015 Coming "From the Coolest corner" Galerie Handwerk , München, Germany during "Schmuck"

2014 "Endless Closeness" Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2014 "From the Coolest corner" Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius, Lithunia
2014 Poly Auction Autumn 2014, Beijing, China
2014 "ALLA" Šperk Stret, The Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014 "ALLA" Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Eskilstuna, Sweden
2014 "Suspended in Green" Lesley Craze Gallery, London, England
2014 "From the Coolest corner" The Röhsska Museum of Art and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 In the booth of Gallery Platina on the Internationalen Handwerksmesse Schmuck, Munich,         Germany
2014 "Suspended in Green" Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany 13th – 17th March
2014 "Suspended in Green" V&V Gallery, Vienna, Austria. 11TH January 2014 – 8th March
2014 "From the Coolest corner" The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn Estonia
2014 "Vårsalongen" Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 "From the Coolest corner" The Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
2013 "Eating Art, WHEN WE TALK ABOUT ENVIRONMENT, WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT?" Gallery         Platina, Stockholm
2013 Pictures of my work will be shown at Saatchi Gallery in London from August
2013 "Ritual" International Jewellery Fair JUBINALE, Cracow, Poland (June)
2013 "From the Coolest corner" The Danish Design Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 "Ritual" N Gallery, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic (April)
2013 Galeria Piwnice, Kielce, Poland (March)
2013 "Ritual" International Jewellery Fair AMBERIF, Gdańsk, Poland (March)
2013 "För säkerhets skull" on Falkenbergs museum, Sweden. (February – May)
2013 "Ritual" INHORGENTA Fair in Munich, Germany (February)
2013 "ALLA" Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Sweden (February – March)
2013 Nordic touring exhibition "From the Coolest corner" First at - The Museum of Decorative         Arts and Design, Oslo, Norway
2013 "Visual presentations in public space" Huge print on my work in window displays at Karl         Johan and Rådhusgata, Oslo, Norway. Photo by Åsa Elmstam

2012 Otwarta Gallery, group exhibition, Sandomierz, Poland
2012 "ALLA" Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
2012 "Tallinn Applied Art Triennial" Estonia
2012 "Contemporary Collected" at Iki-ba and, Designers Week, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Group exhibition during Gold Silver Time Fair, Warsaw, Poland
2012 "ALLA" Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg, Sweden
2012 YES Gallery in Poznan, group exhibition, Poland
2012 "Ritual" Gallery of Art in Legnica, group exhibition in Legnica, Poland

2011 Travelling group exhibition/performance project "ALLA", October

2010 "Frame" Craft and Design fair Munich via gallery Platina. Germany
2010 "Design in a box" Vladimir Market

2009 Platina 10 years anniversary, group exhibition at gallery Platina in Stockholm
2009 "Fair trade gold" group exhibition at gallery Caroline Grohp in Stockholm

2008 "Winter" International group exhibition at gallery Platina in Stockholm
2008 "Same same but better?" group exhibition at Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg
2008 "Brainfood" group exhibition at Gustavsbergs Konsthall
2008 "70 x 70" exhibition at Svensk Form

2007 Group exhibition at Öös in Stockholm
2007 Tokyo Zokei University participation at the Graduation Exhibition

2006 Bacholor exam exhibition Stockholm Culture house
2006 BA exam exhibition Konstfack

2005 "Everywhere - Time released" group exhibition at gallery Tereza Seabra in Lisbon, Portugal

1996 "Ung Vårsalong" Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden


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